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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Goodbye, good Doctor!
  • I'm ready to go... have a good evening, Dr. Jekyll!
  • Dr. Jekyll, may I stay for a minute to talk with you?
  • There's no need to worry!
  • I'm afraid I can't help you.
  • Utterson and a bunch of other people attend a dinner party at Dr Jekyll's home. Utterson decides to stay late so he can chat with Jekyll about his will, and more importantly, the Doctor's relationship with Mr Hyde.
  • Dr Jekyll is in trouble!
  • Utterson speaks candidly with Dr Jekyll about his concerns. Jekyll, in turn, explains to Utterson there is absolutely nothing to worry about. He knows some people will not understand, but is confident that Utterson will ultimately get why he has placed so much trust in Mr Hyde.
  • Mr Hyde! Wait, Mr Hyde! I'd like to talk to you
  • Utterson meets with Mr Lanyon to discuss his concerns about their friend, Dr. Jekyll. Realizing Lanyon hasn't see Jekyll in almost 10 years, Utterson opens up about his concerns and fears for his friend and how he's connected to Mr Hyde. Utterson decides he is going to confront Jekyll the next time he sees him to make sure everything is okay.
  • Dr Jekyll has ordered the staff to be kind and to respect Mr Hyde.
  • I don't understand the relationship between Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Can you explain?
  • Utterson's evenings are consumed with dreams that his friend, Dr. Jekyll, might be in trouble, and he wonders how Jekyll and Hyde can even have a relationship together. They are such radically different people from what appears to be two separate worlds.
  • Utterson diligently watches the door, waiting for the chance to get a glimpse and approach the mysterious Mr Hyde. When he finally does, he approaches Hyde only to have him go into the door, Jekyll's door, without showing his face. He instigates an awkward conversation and asks Hyde to see his face; he obliges, but Utterson feels appalled at the sight.
  • Deciding he can't wait any longer, Utterson goes to Dr. Jekyll's house to confront him. Unfortunately, only his elderly servant, Mr Poole, is home. Utterson asks Poole about the relationship between Jekyll & Hyde, and Pool replies with, "We all have our roles to play. I just act as I'm told, and we are told to treat Mr Hyde as if he is Dr. Jekyll himself."
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