The Great Gatsby

Updated: 8/2/2020
The Great Gatsby

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  • Please let's all go home. Why don't we all go home?
  • At The Royalton Negril, Andrew confronts Peter over Xaymaca's love and who she should really be with. Xaymaca rushes out to the car.
  • Peter, accept it! Xaymaca doesn't love you!
  • Love you? NEVER Andrew!
  • Peter, I need to drive! Let me drive.
  • Peter allows Xaymaca to drive home hoping it will calm her down and that she will forget about Andrew.
  • You sure Xaymaca?!
  • Xaymaca in her hysteria, did not see Myrtle who was running away from her husband. Xaymaca killed her with the speed of her driving.
  • Gatsby goes over to the Buchanan's for lunch that ended being uncomfortable and later decide to pass the time by going into town
  • I am so confused!
  • Peter visits George the next day to ask what happened to Myrtle and drops a comment which confirms to George that Peter was having an affair with Myrtle.
  • So she was finally leaving you?.. I mean she was leaving you??
  • How did you know she wanted to leave me? It was you Peter?
  • George, it was Andrew! He was driving my car and cheated with your wife!
  • George confronts Peter outside his house and blames him for Myrtle's death and is ready to repay him for his hurt. George kills Peter & Xaymaca heads over to Andrew's house.
  • I trusted you Peter. How could you do me so? How could you kill her like that?
  • Yes confront his cheating ass! But Peter with that poor woman Myrtle??
  • You still lying! STOP Peter!!!
  • With Peter dead, Xaymaca needs Andrew to take care of her. She can truly express her love for him.
  • Andrew!! We can be together now! Andrew.....