Unknown Story
Updated: 1/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • They just won the battle of Troy. This is Odysseus and his men's known world because they are soldiers and they are always at war or fighting.
  • He leaves Troy, and his crew and the land near Ismarus, the city of Cities are allies of the Trojans so enemies of Odysseus. They raid them but some of his men get killed. This is their call to adventure beasue they are trying to head back to Ithica.
  • Lead Men this way
  • He left the land near Ismarus and arrived at Lotus Eaters island. Some of his men ate some lotus’ and they don’t want to leave the island so essentially they were drugged but not on purpose by the lotus’ eaters they don’t cause a threat. But this was them beginning to cross the threshold because this is the unknown world.
  • They get captured by a cyclops but they manage to escape but with barely any men left. This is Odysseus in his rising action still beginning to learn the rules of the special world.
  • They then go to Circe's Island. Circe is a goddess who is a witch that changes Odesyuss men into pigs he is forced to stay there for a year there. He finally can convince her to let him leave. She says he must go to the land of the dead to get his prophecy he does what she says and the prophet Terises tells him his prophecy and he sees his dead mom and his friend who died on Circe's island and they talk. This is them still learning the rules of the special world.
  • When they return to the overworld Circe warns Odysseus about the Sirens, Charybdis and Scyllla who will destroy him or take his men. They continue to pass the sirens and chose Scylla they make it past only losing 6 men and continue. Then they go and eat Helios' sacred cows and Helios complains to Zeus. Zeus kills everyone except Odysseus. Then he floats to Caylpso's, a goddess', island which he spends 7 years there. This is the lowest point he is tuck somewhere for 7 years and all of his men are dead and he has no hope and its a very dark time.
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