assesment for re
Updated: 11/23/2020
assesment for re

Storyboard Text

  • Background information
  • how dare you do this to me we have three children and now you want to leave me
  • Message from God
  • Hosea you must go and find Gomer for her to pay up her debts and you must forgive her.
  • Message of the prophet
  • your all braking the 10 main commandments and disobeying God
  • Hosea's wife betrayed him by cheating on him with other Men just like how the Israelites were betraying God with other God's. The Israelites where believing in other gods and turning there back on their own god.
  • God told Hosea that he needed to forgive Gomer for her to pay up her debts to her lovers and God did the same to his people by giving them another chance
  • Bc to 2020
  • God and your belief's
  • People at the time were lacking knowledge towards the understanding of God and Hosea constantly show's how the people are braking the ten commandments
  • Message in modern day context
  • The Israelites were not trusting there own God so they worshiped another God named Baal and they altar to him at Bethel and Gigal so they could be like the other nations
  • we now praise to you lord Baal
  • we cant trust our God
  • We teleport from Bc to 2020
  • People in 2020 are idolizing and looking up to people like famous youtubers or celebrities. This is not fair to our own God as we are turning into the Israelites of Bc. Luckily for us God gave the Israelites a second chance and he may be able to give the people of today
  • Kids these days are like the people back in Bc believing in the wrong people
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