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To the Horizon and Back
Updated: 9/15/2020
To the Horizon and Back
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  • Nanny, Ah didn't mean nothin' bad.
  • Ah don't want no trashy boy, lak Johnny usin' yo' body to wipe his foots on.
  • Heah you got protection and you come worryin' me 'bout love.
  • Ah don't love him, but if somebody was to tell me how, Ah could do it.
  • Ah don't need duh head rags no more.
  • Nanny starts dreaming voices, Janie's voice and a whispering male voice. Suddenly, she was wide awake. As she looks through the window, she notices Janie being kissed by Johnny Taylor. Janie's dream collapses and she stares reality right in the face. She goes inside the house and finds herself being lectured by Nanny. Her childhood fades away.
  • If she don't throw it at me, A'll take the chance on comin' back
  • It was a Saturday evening at Nanny's parlor where Janie marries Logan Killicks, the man that owns 60 acres. As the day commenced, Janie doubted her feelings towards Logan and questioned what love was. She glanced at Nanny sitting in the kitchen and Nanny asks Janie what is on her mind. Janie expresses her love for Logan is nowhere to be found.
  • Make it tuh de cow and grab hold of her tail! Come on!
  • Tea Cake!
  • After saying goodbye forever to Joe, Janie returns to the house unbothered by the loss she is experiencing. Before going to bed, she decides to burn her head rags and later goes to bed. Janie no longer has a stone wall stopping her from living freely.
  • What she doin coming here in dem overalls?
  • Good evenin'.
  • It is 5:30 when a handsome tall man known as Tea Cake walks through the door and immediately catches Janie's eye. He asks Janie for some cigarettes and makes jokes all the time he is there. Janie laughs and feels a glow in her soul. She feels wanted.
  • As the hurricane's fury ravages the Everglades, Janie and Tea Cake put their lives in God's hands. Janie is fighting for her life and finds herself in an impossible situation. Tea Cake extends his helping hand to Janie, but gets bitten by a rabid dog. The disease took over Tea Cake's body and eventually results in the unfortunate ending of his journey.
  • As the sun left, Janie arrives to town where the whispers danced all around her. Janie, with her head up high, walks towards her house surrounded by the awful rumors. The porch sitters sit in judgement. After a while, Pheoby heads over to Janie and is told the journey of a lifetime.
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