The elephant's child

Updated: 8/26/2020
The elephant's child

Storyboard Text

  • Why?!
  • I don't know go found out yourself LOL. He is at the lake
  • Hey, what does the crocodile eat for dinner?
  • Ow! Let go now!!
  • Exposition- This setting for the story is Africa. The main character is the elephant's child, and the problem of the story is that he asks too many questions. Everybody spanks him.
  • Hey its ok! Look how easily you can grab grass now!
  • Rising action- The elephant's child starts to ask a lot of questions about what type of food the animals eat for dinner, he then goes around asking the animals what does the crocodile eat for dinner. An example is when the elephant's child asks the snake the question
  • Hey what happened to your nose- OW what was that for??
  • *spanks*
  • Climax- The elephant's child goes over to the lake and asks what he eats for dinner. The crocodile tricks him and stretches his nose.
  • Falling action- The snake sees the elephant's child and help him. The elephant's child nose is stretched and he feels bad but there are advantages to have a big nose.
  • Resolution- The elephant's child goes back home and starts spanking everybody who spanked him. The family and friends ended up asking where the crocodile was so they could get a big nose too.
  • Jaylene Cano, August 26, 7/8th period