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Arise by; Tara Hudson
Updated: 3/25/2020
Arise by; Tara Hudson
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  • The darkness
  • hello?! Where am I??!!
  • Who's Heart Beat is it
  • But how is.. is that me?! wait but i'm already dead!!
  • A wake up call
  • oh no another materialization
  • Amelia awakens in a strange place she can't seem to find any light. Everything is pitch black, but she hears something. Its like the sound of a heart beat and its close. slowly the world begins to fade in around here bringing back the color.
  • breakfast for a big day
  • As the color fades back into her sight she realizes she is in some sort of apartment. Selfishly she hoped it wasn't Joshua or Jillian's heart that she continues to hear because that would mean they are close to death. but then she realizes something strange it is her own.
  • The night of the Party
  • UGHH!
  • heyyy Joshua
  • Amelia wakes up realizing it was all just a dream but is extremely confused with what the dream means. Joshua wakes up to Amelia's besides her. Joshua looks concerned for her but Amelia plays it off and instead distracts him with a kiss but quickly materializes to the roof.
  • A Warning from an unwanted enemy
  • E..ELI!!!
  • when Amelia is finally able to materialize back it is breakfast time and she enters right into the middle of a fight between Joshua and his sister Jillian. But as soon as their mother threatens to not lat them go to the party the atmosphere quickly shifted and Jillian appologized.
  • Finally its the party, Joshua seems apprehensive and standoffish to all his friends. Amelia feels as though she has to force him into communicating with his friends. once he finally has a conversation going a girl comes up and sits right down on his lap of course Amelia is upset with this but shes a ghost its not like this girl knew she existed.
  • With all that anger building up at the party she materialized once again but this time to the bridge connecting the demon world to our world where she defeated them and escaped. it is there that she gets a message from Eli her old nemisis warning hr of the demons and how they are coming for her and those she loves.
  • Amelia I don't have much time I must warn you their coming!
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