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Migration- Group Template
Updated: 3/28/2020
Migration- Group Template
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Discuss migration, emigration and immigration. Discuss the brain drain effect in the Caribbean.

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  • Really! I was not aware of that. What do you mean by loss of innovative ideas?
  • I mean on account of majority of educated youths in Jamaica migrating to other countries, there are only a few graduates that are left behind that may not have been as skilled or talented as the individuals who emigrated from Jamaica. As a consequence of this there may not enough knowledgeable individuals involved in decision-making process. which can affect the rate of development of the country. Take a look at these articles I found
  • Two college students are in their final year of college. They met after their final exam in sociology and were discussing the concepts of migration, emigration and immigration.
  • Yes but “Migration is the movement of an individual who may be joined by others, because of one or more reasons of economic advancement, political change, education or other purposes. The individual or group of people leaves one country or state for a prolonged stay or permanent settlement in another geographical area.” Bhugra, D. (2004).
  • Josandra,on that test we just did, I was confused concerning the difference between migration, emigration and immigration. Its' really all about people moving isn't it ?
  • So that means if I leave Jamaica and go to live in the USA, that's emigration. Gotcha !
  • Kevin, Emigration is leaving one’s country to live in another (UWI,OC, n.d).
  • There you go! You got it correct! Remember you told me about your uncle who moved from St. Andrew’s to St.George’s before leaving for Sweden ? When he moved from St. Andrew to St. George that is an example of internal migration ... When he moved to Sweden that would be external migration
  • So that would mean Immigration on the other hand refers arriving to a new homeland or country from one’s original homeland or country?
  • You got it Kevin! Let go get something to eat.
  • Hey guys ! Wait Up! I didn't know Sociology talked about the brain leaking ?
  • Say what ? ..... Ohh Anika you're referring to the "brain drain" effect 
  •  Here in the Caribbean we are faced with the phenomenon known as “brain drain”. Brain drain effect is the migration of skilled people in search of better standard of living and quality of life. which include education, higher income and access to advanced technology (Dodani & LaPorte, (2005).
  • Yes, when these individuals migrate to other countries, their homeland is negatively affected (Mishra, P. (2006). Would you believe Jamaica has the second highest incident of brain drain? According to a newspaper article I read the other day, there is evidence to show that about 85% of Jamaica’s highly-skilled individuals migrate to other countries (Haughton, 2013).
  • There are international demands for qualified personnel across the globe, hence the reason why I believe brain drain is taking place in countries and in some cases a lack of opportunity for youth with certain skill (Mukasa L. 2020).
  • Yes it is true the Caribbean has a massive ‘Brain Drain’ predicament. How did you answer the question on characteristics of the brain drain? I wrote " a continuous outflow of skilled and trained individuals from a developing to developed country, generally engineers, medical personnel and scientists".
  • I had the same answer as well and I elaborated on the fact that in 2001-2004, 1,199 nurses graduated in Jamaica and 900 of those nurses left the region during that time. I however, added that lack of career opportunities is one of the main characteristics. Other characteristics of brain drain are loss of innovative ideas and loss of tax revenue.
  • Josandra , this means that brain drain causes countries to lose a good portion of valuable individuals for example, health care professionals, doctors, engineers, scientists or financial professionals.
  • It's so sad because skilled youths are key contributors to building a developing society (UWIOC, n.d).
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