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Corn Royale
Updated: 4/1/2019
Corn Royale
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Storyboard Description

Normal corn want to be just like the modified corn that are bigger and have resistance and pesticides and herbicides and are bigger than the normal corn.

Storyboard Text

  • Our cornfield has been taken over by modified corn with antibiotics and more nutrients.
  • Let's go to the other side of the field.
  • We were here first! Leave our cornfield!
  • We are stronger and better than you, therefore this is now our cornfield.
  • You don't belong on this side of the field, we are much more healthier with resistance to pests and herbicides 
  • Let’s see who is actually better in a battle, draw your weapons!
  • Leave our field, you all belong in a lab.
  • We were all once like you, we can stay here together.
  • No.
  • Enough! We are all going to get modified so we are all equal!
  • It's going to take a while for you to be modifed, you will be more healthy with resistance to pests.
  • Thank you! Now we are all equal!
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