Updated: 6/8/2020
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My hole

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  • "you may go to jail, or you may go to camp green lake."
  • I've never been to camp before
  • Stanely's grandad tells him the story of his "no good pig stealing rotten great great grandfather(Elya)". He tells Stanely this family is cursed because Elya did not carry Madame Zeroni up the hill to drink from the stream and fulfill his half of their deal.
  • A pair of limited edition shoes fall from the sky and hit Stanely in the head. He is arrested and charged for stealing them. Stanely must decide if he wants to serve jail time or go to Camp Green Lake. He chooses Camp Green Lake as it seems like the better option. It is not.
  • Stanley and the other boys are made to dig holes. Stanely finds a lipstick tube engraved with Kissing Kate's initials. The warden is excited because she wants to find Kissing Kates's treasure It is said to be buried in the now desolate lake. Stanley befriends Zero another boy and they become good friends and isolate themselves from the other kids because they pick on Zero.
  • After being harassed and ridiculed by Mr.Pendaski, Zero has had enough and hits him in the head with a shovel breaking his nose and leaving a gash. Zero runs off into the desert without water or food. He disappears for days until Stanely runs away to find him.
  • Stanely finds Zero in an overturned rowboat, and find that Zero is exhausted and dehydrated. Stanley and Zero drank "sploosh". Zero passes out due to exhaustion. Stanely carries him up God's Thumb (mountain) and sings the song Elya forgot to sing to Madame Zerobni. Unknowingly breaking the curse. Zero and Stanely decide they have to go back to Camp.
  • Zero and Stanley find kissing Kate's treasure by digging near where Stanely found the lipstick tube. Yellow spotted lizards surround the boys. Stanely's lawyer shows up and takes Stanely and Zero home. Zero and his mom are reunited and the boys and their families split Kate's treasure. The curse is lifted.
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