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Chapter 7 The Road to Revolution
Updated: 10/10/2019
Chapter 7 The Road to Revolution
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  • Hmnn..and we already enforced the Navigation Acts what other way can we push mercantilism?
  • Mister Prime Minister, our country is in 140 million dollars of debt! Its all the colonists fault for their insensible war!
  • PM George Grenville:AHAH!I know just what to do,lets tax paper,sugar and force families to house our soldiers!!!
  • Someone pass me a quill; Its time to beseech the king and push non-importation agreements!
  • Us 27,all colonies must come together in unison to repeal this unfair tax.
  • The Stamp Act Congress 1765
  • Please!Please stop the tar is burning please!
  • The Formation of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty
  • We won't be controlled.AND we wont be tricked into buying cheap tea!!!
  • You will pay for this!Loyalist scum!!!
  • But..Won't the colonists want taxation with representation?
  • PARLIAMENT 1767(Yes Again)
  • I HAVE AN IDEA!!!Lets pass the Townshend Acts making the colonies pay importing fees on glass,paint paper and white lead!!!
  • You think you ruffians from England can come here to flex your muscles and control us?!!
  • The Boston Massacre 1770
  • The Boston Tea Party 1773
  • British East India Company Tea
  • British East India Company Tea
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