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Lit 5/5
Updated: 5/5/2020
Lit 5/5
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  • Oedipus asks Iocaste to send for the servant, now a shepherd, who told the story of the king’s death. He wants him to recall it to see if he recalls more than one person killing the king. If he only remembers one Oedipus thinks this will frame him for murder.
  • Oedipus says, “But if he says one man, singlehanded, did it, Then the evidence all points to me,” (45, Scene II).
  • Iocaste says, “And can he call back that story now? He can not,” (45, Scene II).
  • Iocaste is not confident in the shepherd’s memory because it has been so long and he doesn’t want Oedipus to condemn himself over a false story. Oedpius realizes Iocaste is probably right but wants to see him anyway.
  • Iocaste says, “suppose he alters some detail of it,” (45, Scene II).
  • I don’t care I want him anyway.
  • Iocaste reluctantly sends for the shepherd because he does not want to disobey the king. He does not think the king is doing the right thing by basing whether he is a murderer off of a shepherd’s memory that isn’t sharp anymore.
  • Sign....
  • Iocaste says, “I will send for him,” (45, Scene II).
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