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Storyboard for english #2
Updated: 3/27/2019
Storyboard for english #2
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  • Tom Jones a democtratic presedential candididate, contemplates his upcoming debate on gun control, in his 3.6 million dollar house in California.
  • I don't need to, my argument is simple, America is so safe why would anyone need guns?
  • Honey, I am so ready for my debate tommorow.
  • Have you reviewed the material and prepared for the questions?
  • He will now take questions from the audience. Speak now or forever hold your piece.
  • Everybody, please welcome the democratic presedential nominee, Tom Jones!!
  • How can you attempt to deny our rights guaranteed by the second amendment?
  • Out of nowhere, members of the NRA stampeded in and demanded answers to their questions.
  • What if an intruder threatens the safety of your family?
  • Tom Jones was completely embarassed by the NRA, he was left speechless. Soon after,the story spread across the nation like wildfire.
  • Hello citizens of America, thank you for tuning into fox news.
  • FOX
  • Today we will be talking about how the NRA, made Tom Jones look like a kindergartener. 
  • Tom Jones became infamous for his terrible performance at the debate, and he quickly lost everything.
  • Tom, I cant do this anymore. I'm leaving.
  • With no job, no wife, and no support, Tom Jones plummeted in a downward spiral. Eventually, he became homeless in the California streets, surrounded by violence and danger. He now understands how necessary firearms are to protect oneself in a dangerous ghetto.
  • I really wish I had a gun right now.
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