Antebellum Period
Updated: 3/15/2021
Antebellum Period

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  • Creation of the Cotton Gin
  • Non-Slave Owning Whites
  • Non-slave-owning whites
  • Slaves
  • Small Slave Owners
  • Plantation Owners
  • Southerners vs Northeners
  • Northerners
  • Southerners
  • Eli Whitney created the cotton gin in 1793. As cotton became more cost-effective, rich white southerners brought more slaves
  • Poor Whites
  • There were more non-slave-owning whites than any other social class during the Antebellum Period.
  • Plantation Owners vs Slaves
  • Rich southerners believed that they were more civilized than northerners.
  • Attitudes Toward Slavery
  • Sold!!!!
  • Non-slave-owning whites lived in terrible poverty because they were unable to afford good land due to slavery. They suffered from malnutrition and diseases.
  • Plantation owners looker at slaves as property that could be sold.
  • I wish I owned slaves.
  • Rich southerners supported it because it was the source of their wealth and status. Poor whites supported it because they dream of one-day owning slaves.