Updated: 1/10/2020
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  • The girls danced in the woods with tituba to perform witchcraft and are seen by Reverend Parris. Once the girls are caught they start naming peolpe who they have claimed to see with the devil.
  • Tituba started naming people that were involved with witchcraft and Abigail caught on to Tituba's lie and started to name people she saw with the devil. Once Abigail started naming people all of the other girls started to name people they saw with the devil.
  • Mary Warren comes home to tell John and Elizabeth Proctor that she is apart of the court and they disagree with her decision. John gets mad at Mary for going to court because she was told specifically not to but she defends herself by saying she is an adult and she can do what she wants.
  • Mary warren tries to tell the court that Abigail and all of the girls are lying about seeing the devil but it backfires on her when Abigail tells the court that Mary was having a large bird stack her and all of the girls. While the girls are pretending to be attacked, Mary switches sides and starts pretending with the girls and says that she saw John Proctor working with the devil.
  • John Proctor is forced to confess to witchcraft unless he would like to die instead. Judge Danforth tries to convince Elizabeth to make him confess which he does. Once John finds out that his name will be posted on the couch door, he rips up his confession and decides to be hung.
  • John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse were hung for not confessing to withcraft and everyone in the town disapproves of the hanging. They were the last people to get hung in Salem. Abigail and her friend run away on a boat to Boston.
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