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Updated: 4/22/2020
Storyboard lab14
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  • John O'Reilly's Journey by Jean Gillman1. HA WS
  • 2. LS
  • 3. HA MS
  • O'REILLY is lead of the boat my British officers.NAT SOUND: waves against ship, sailors working, footsteps of prisoners being lead off the boat along with their shackles clinking.
  • 4. HA CU
  • O'REILLY tucks paper into his shirt when the officer isn't lookingNAT SOUND: waves against ship, crinkeling of paper, and footsteps of prisoners.
  • 5. LA LS
  • O'REILLY looks to the shoreO'REILLY: So this is it, Australia? Huh, thought it would be different.
  • 6. ECU
  • BRITISH OFFICER rubs dirt of uniform and then turns to O'REILLY.BRITISH OFFICER: I'm sure you'll get used to it by the time you die here, now quiet!
  • O'REILLY mutters a curse as a OFFICER grabs his shackles and makes him walk faster.O'REILLY: ****NAT SOUND: footsteps in sand
  • O'REILLY takes a look at the sea around him, looking defeated.NAT SOUND: footsteps in sand fade out.
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