Buddha story
Updated: 2/11/2021
Buddha story

Storyboard Text

  • Siddhatar is born into a royal family. his father invites a holy man to come and read the boy's future and he says that he will either inherit all his fathers land or become a holy man if he sees and suffering. so the father locks up the palace and surrounds it with high walls. the little boy grows up, gets married and has children.
  • one day, Siddhatar left the palace and he saw four men. one old man, one sick man, one beggar monk and one dead man. these are known as the four sightings and they changed the boys perspective on life and showed him that there are other ways of living.
  • Siddhatar went around asking wise men about the truth but they were no help. he tried living the opposite of luxury and tried starving himself but that didn't work either! he finds a tree called the Bodie tree and he sat under the tree and started to meditate.
  • The prince sat under the Bodie tree for 49 days and 49 nights trying to find the truth. during those days and nights, the evil deamond, Lord Mara, tempted the prince to stop him from finding the truth but he resisted
  • after these 49 days and nights, Siddhatar discovered the truth. There is suffering in this world and it is caused by wanting more, so, in short, to stop suffering, stop wanting more and appreciate what you have.