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Updated: 6/7/2020
Cartoon Strip
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  • Romans decided to expand their land
  • Jean Paul Rangel 10c
  • sure!!
  • cause of the first Punic War
  • lets expand the Roman Empire!
  • Good idea
  • Romans won the first Punic war
  • we won this time
  • now we have more land
  • Result of the first Punic War
  • good job! we won this first war
  • this cause the second Punic War
  • Carthaginians decided to take revenge
  • we must take revenge!!
  • we must fight back!!!
  • Carthaginians lost their lands
  • this was the result of the second Punic War
  • we have lost the majority of our land
  • Rome had won all the wars but they wanted to wipe Carthage
  • we will wipe Carthage off the map!!
  • the Romans wanted to wipe them and this started the third Punic War
  • oh no!
  • Carthage is gone forever!!
  • The Roman Empire has been expanded!!
  • Romans wiped Carthage and took their lands
  • They ended expanding their empire
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