Mythological Story Time
Updated: 2/2/2021
Mythological Story Time

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  • Before we get started I just want to say I have 14 children, she only has 2
  • welcome everybody
  • It was a ceremony to honor Leto the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Niobe blustered about her having 14 children and Leto only having two.
  • Ok i will do something about it
  • They gave my children booboos
  • Apollo and Artemis heard about what Niobe said and they decide to give her children booboos.
  • This should help you feel better
  • Her husband Amphion was devastated when Apollo and Artemis gave their children a booboo. Then he gave himself a booboo.
  • i can't believe they really gave my children booboos
  • Niobe cried to God and Zeus felt bad for her and he did something to see if it would help
  • Zeus changed her into a rock to give her feelings of stone but it didn't help because she still was crying.
  • Niobe never got over what Apollo and Artemis did to her children