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J.c storyboard comic-Walter Mentz
Updated: 5/20/2020
J.c storyboard comic-Walter Mentz
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Storyboard Description

Cassius Who offered him the crown? Casca Why, Antony. Brutus Tell us the manner of it, gentle Casca. Casca I can as well be hanged as tell the manner of it. It was mere foolery; I did not mark it. I saw Mark Antony offer him a crown —yet 'twas not a crown neither, 'twas one of these coronets — and, as I told you, he put it by once; but for all that, to my thinking, he would fain have had it. Then he offered it to him again; then he put it by again; but, to my thinking, he was very loath to lay his fingers off it. And then he offered it the third time; he put it the third time by; and still as he refused it, the rabblement hooted and clapped their chapped hands and threw up their sweaty nightcaps, and uttered such a deal of stink- ing breath because Caesar refused the crown that it had almost choked Caesar, for he swooned and fell down at it. And for mine own part, I durst not laugh, for fear of opening my lips and receiving the bad air.

Storyboard Text

  • Caesar was offered a crown not twice, but thrice and he rejected it
  • Antony gave it to him, here's what happened...
  • who gave it to him?
  • how did it happen?
  • want the crown?
  • small Boo
  • not really
  • I'm giving you the crown after you said no
  • I don't want the crown stop asking
  • Big boo
  • Its only a Corinth
  • huge boo (in smelly voice)
  • I don't want the crown
  • I'm still offering it
  • (screams in laughter but internally)oh no Caesar
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