Science (Part 1)

Updated: 11/17/2020
Science (Part 1)

Storyboard Text

  • Mmm, food let's dig in and eat!
  • Why it is just food now and is dead so why?
  • What Purple locks Smurf, why can't I eat?
  • W-W-WAIT!
  • We must remember the life that these fish have lived.
  • Oh, so is it biotic and it mean an living organism in a ecosystem.
  • What does that mean abiotic.
  • Why does he care so much?
  • Well it is an adjective for something that is not alive and the opposite word of abiotic is...
  • Well, unlike a abiotic organism this was living.
  • Uhh, can we eat and then continue with the conversation.
  • Wait so what is an ecosystem so is it a...
  • Ok let's eat and then continue.
  • An Ecosystem is a place were living, non-living and physical components interact with the environment.
  • What would you call the place we live in?
  • Mmm, that was some good food
  • Yes it was now let's continue the conversation. What do you want to know?
  • We live in a community and the humans are a population in the community.
  • The city is a biome and there are others such as the forest and the sea.
  • Well i think that is all you will need to know.
  • You take of your self and don't in trouble.
  • Ok, you have a good day Sir