Unknown Story
Updated: 1/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • s Antarctic 2050 x
  • Im so hungry and I´m homeless.I will die soon
  • We have found the last wild icebear. We have to bring him to the zoo, to save his life.
  • What are they doing, i´m scarred!
  •   Zoo: Arctict Section
  • Ohhh, what´s that? I have never seen this in my life! It´s so beautifull!
  • This is snow from my home the Arctic. But probably we will never see it again. 
  • But why will there be no more snow?
  • Can you see this car? That´ts one of the most important reason for it. So the cars produce carbon dioxide.
  • But what is carbon dioxide? 
  • So because of carbon dioxide our atmospheregets destroyed.And that leads to the fact, that the globsl temperatureincreases. But the people can´t change it any more, because they acted to late.So that`s for example responsible for the melt of our home and for the dying of many species. In the end, everyone is effected by the global warming.