Story Board for wellness
Updated: 12/20/2019
Story Board for wellness
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  • Well your drunk, and you know that it is dangerous to drive while being drunk
  • I don't see why it's a problem, it is only a 5 minute drive on pretty much empty roads
  • Look, I'll just call an uber to come pick you up and drive you to your houses safely
  • here we go again
  • That's a waste of money, I can just drive home. It's just a 5 minute drive, it's fine.
  • Seriously, we'll be fine it's only a 5 minute drive, with no one on the roads.
  • That's just unnecessary work it's not worth it.
  • Look, i'll just drive you home, and you can come get the car when your sober
  • Yeah we can just come back tomorrow
  • After a party, a couple is arguing about driving while drunk.
  • Why do I always get the weird people?
  • Fine...
  • look the uber is here, just get in the car and he'll take you home
  • Finally, Thank you
  • (You) Take's the girlfriends side and calls an uber
  • Huh, well thanks for the ride, bye.
  • hmmm, that was just a waste of time
  • Finally, Ok bye, get some sleep!
  • The uber is on it's why, but he is still trying to just drive home while drunk.
  • Alright, bye, I'm just glad you got home all right.
  • Uber arrives, and he gives in and gets in the uber.
  • He gets dropped, and gets ready to go to bed.
  • He is reassured that his friends got home safely.
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