CHapter 18 : Never a Dull moment

Updated: 10/12/2021
CHapter 18 : Never a Dull moment

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  • Chapter 18:Never a dull moment
  • That is true, Sister Frances, cash is very scarce but I've just had a wonderful plan!
  • Whatever are we going to do mother dear? Things have never been so bad for us.
  • Author: Anne Reid
  • This bazaar is spectacular!
  • Cathrine has done a great job with this place, don't you think?
  • Group 2 : Jenneia Dillon, Vivian Chan, Maliyah Casey, Akeelah Coye
  • And that's the story of how the earth was created!
  • Can we please hear another story mother Cathrine!?
  • -Sister Frances told Mother Cathrine she was very worried because they were having financial problems.-Mother Cathrine told Sister Frances that they could have a Bazaar and invite the wealthy people they knew in the area and would ask them to come and make donations.-Cathrine also reached out to the Duchess to ask for a donation..
  • -Sure enough this plan worked and many people were very generous with their donations.-The duchess and her daughter made contribution s of their own handwork.-A nice little amount of money was made, not enough of course, but Mother Cathrine was very pleased and decided that the Bazaar should become a yearly event.
  • -One of the greatest joys in Mother Cathrine's life was sending time with the orphans.-She knew how awful it felt to not have a father nor Mother.-She would always tell the kids Jesus stories which was the orphans best part of the day.