Updated: 10/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Good day! I'm Miranda Mendez. I will conduct a file case against my neighbor named Marites.
  • Hi Ms. Miranda, I'm Claver De Jesus. For that case, this way ma'am.
  • What can I do for you, Ms. Miranda? I'm Kgwd. Rivera I will send a summon to Ms. Marites for our trial Monday next week.
  • Ms. Marites trespassed my house and stole my things in the garden. She also tried to kill my dog but luckily I suppressed her.
  • Just to clarify I don't consider that as stealing I only want to borrow those flowers because it's vivid gorgeous
  • Good day! today is our first trial. Please let us all calm down as much as possible and listen to each other side.
  • Ms. Miranda has the audacity to step into property and stole my plants and flower because she is jealous that plants live with my hands.
  • I forgot to get permission because of my oldness. I hope we can fix this I will bring your plants and flower back.
  • But Ms. Marites you should get the consent first before you do such a thing.
  • You should know what to do.
  • I will Kgwd. Rivera sorry Ms. Miranda for our misunderstanding I will accept the consequences I've done to you.
  • Let settle this case, Ms. Marites make an oath that says that you will not repeat stealing Ms. Miranda's plant.
  • Just learned from your mistake, I will forgive you next time you did the same thing.