water cycle
Updated: 4/7/2021
water cycle

Storyboard Text

  • Hello there, my name is Rainy the raindrop and this is my story about how I went through the Water Cycle.
  • It all happened on one sunny morning... 
  • I was hanging around in the ocean with my friends, all of a sudden the sun's heat heated me up and I started to evaporate.
  •  At the time, I didn't know what was happening until Mr. Sun started to talk, he told me that I was evaporating and transforming into water vapor from liquid.
  • Mr. Sun then started to talk..
  • OH NO! Am I going to die:?! Is this the end of me?!! I need to tell my parents I love them !!!
  • Mr. Sun? What happened to those rain drops?
  • " Don't worry this is the second stage. Every rain drop goes through this cycle! You are currently just going through the condensation phase of the Water Cycle. You are condensing and becoming a liquid from water vapor and changing into a cloud."
  • WOAH!?! I'm a cloud now?
  • So? I'm going to produce more raindrops? Oh my
  • Yes, you are a cloud indeed. You are currently in the Sublimation process. After this you'll be in the Precipitation phase.
  • WOAH! I'm like producing more of me!! Precipitation huh?
  • Those rain drops are now in the process of transpiration. That plant right there absorbs the water and pushes it towards leaves where it is used for photosynthesis. The extra water is moved out of leaves through stomata. Then water enters the biosphere and exits into gaseous phase