the birth of moses tbh
Updated: 3/10/2021
the birth of moses tbh

Storyboard Text

  • Israelites are forced into slavery under the rule of Pharaoh.
  • Pharaoh demanded that all the baby boys will be drowned in the Nile river. Soldiers were sent to homes to collect the baby boys.
  • When the soldiers went to Moses' family's house they lied and said they did not have a child, this was to protect and save him.
  • We don't have a baby
  • Moses' mother places him in a basket and puts him into the Nile river, hoping someone would find him and take care of him.
  • Pharaoh's daughter finds Moses in the basket and decides she will keep him as her own. She takes him out of the water to tend to him.
  • Moses grows up as royalty with Pharaoh and the royal family.