Updated: 1/25/2020
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Chapters Eight to Ten

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  • Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! …You knew, didn't you?
  • The boys are scared about the news of the monster, and Jack attempts to take the opportunity to become the new leader by claiming Ralph is a coward. No one wants that, so Jack leaves the camp and says that anyone who wants to join him can.
  • Some of the boys end up following Jack and his hunters while the others work to rebuild the fire. Jack declares himself chief and they end up killing a pig. They cut the pig's head off and place it on a stake in Simon's spot.
  • Simon later returns to his spot and finds the pig's head, which starts speaking to him. It says it is the Lord of the Flies and threatens him, saying he will never be able to escape him. Simon ends up fainting out of fear.
  • Simon wakes up and leaves, coming across the dead parachutist that they mistook for a monster. He tries to tell the others that, however the hunters end up murdering Simon as they think he is the beast.
  • Ralph, Piggy, the twins and some littluns are the few left in Ralph's tribe, as the rest have joined Jack's where they are abused under his tyrannical leadership. Jack and his hunters raid Ralph's camp.
  • While they raided for fire, Jack did not actually touch the fire which Ralph would have shared with them. Instead, they stole Piggy's glasses and therefore the power to make their own fire.
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