St. Euphemia
Updated: 3/11/2020
St. Euphemia

Storyboard Text

  • Christians are captured and persecuted
  • The arrest
  • Persecution
  • NO!
  • In the time of Tsar Diokletian, Christians were persecuted, captured and killed. A young girl called Euphemia from Chalcedon, a town in Asia Minor was among them.
  • Torture
  • When Euphemia was 15 years old, she was arrested by Diocletian's soldiers for refusal to offer sacrifices to Ares.
  • Death
  • Euphemia refused to give up Christianity. This led to her fatal torture.
  • After Death
  • The soldiers started to torture on Euphemia. She experienced many methods of torture.
  • After being tortured and surviving, she was thrown to the lions. The lions killed her but did not devour her. her death occurred on September 16, 304 AD.
  • Her body was preserved until 620 when the town was captured by the Persians. The sarcophagus with her body was moved to Constantinople, and placed in a church which Tsar Constantine built in her honour.