inter relationship project
Updated: 12/11/2020
inter relationship project

Storyboard Text

  • Okay sure and thanks for the favor..Okay bye
  • Yay she's here! (Happy)
  • I'm here!...
  • ? (had a bad day at school)
  • I'm not cheating on you! and I won't either!
  • no.
  • Who were you talking in the phone with?? The person had a female voice! Are you cheating on me?!?
  • I don't believe you! Give me your phone!
  • Why should I, when I didn't cheat on you!
  • plus your not going to find anything bad on it!
  • Your being Dramatic!
  • If your not "Cheating" on me then why won't you give me your phone!
  • In stead of Arguing why don't we talk things out?
  • Oh so I'm dramatic! Do you know how awful my Day was! and Yet Coming here Made It Worse!
  • Okay Fine!
  • I sorry that your team mates didn't help you in the project
  • Its okay, at least we talked things things out.
  • (Tells him everything) And that's why my day went bad.
  • Its ok and I sorry for thinking that You Cheated on me.
  • Good thing that things turned out great!
  • XD hahaha
  • .
  • yeah! Except for the teddy bear.. XD haha
  • .