Updated: 2/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I almost missed the bus but what do you think we're learning about today in Chemistry class?
  • Probably some type of chemical bonds.
  • Told yaaa
  • Chemistry: Ionic Bonds
  • As you can see on the board, or if some of you didn't look, we are learning about Ionic Bonds today!
  • -Electrons get transferred-Properties: High Melting PointDoes not conduct electricity when solidSolid at room temperatureGood conductors when dissolved or liquidBrittle and hard
  • I don't get this!!!!
  • Everyone write this down.
  • Want to hang after school? This is boring, I already know this stuff.
  • Elements:NaCl
  • Yeah sure.
  • Lewis Dot StructureNa: 1 valence electron, Charge +1Cl: 7 valence electrons, Charge -1Since they both have a charge 1 the elements transfer charges so it can be even. Therefore it is NaCl.