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Updated: 2/20/2019
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  • Here you can see a list of another customs in Greece.
  • 1) Most Greeks are Christians 2) On January 6 they celebrate the baptism of Jesus (day of the epiphany) 3) They use amulets of a blue eye to avoid envy. 4) If they hear bad news, they spit to ward off evil. 5) If you leave food on your plate it's impolite 6) They don't greet with their hands, only greet their family with a kiss.
  • Now, I'm going to tell you about some great places in Greece:
  • Its capital, Athens, has several museums and temples. Naxos Island: It has many beautiful beaches.
  • Other places are: Mykonos: It's a quiet island, with beautiful beaches and relax people Delphi: It's a very quiet place, and it has a great view Karpatos: It's an island less known of the country but it gives you peace and relaxation.
  • They eat many vegetables, lamb and olive oil, for example: *Musaka: This food is similar to lasagna, but the difference is that it's made with aubergine and meat. *Greek cheese: They make it with sheep's milk. It's a soft cheese.
  • Finally, I'm going to tell you about their typical food:
  • *Dolmak: This name means "be full". It consists of stuffing grape leaves with rice, meat, onions and finally put lemon sauce. *Papoutsakia: This word means "little shoe" because at the time of serving, it has a shape similar of a shoe, it's an aubergine stuffed with meat and covered with cheese. *Some of their typical candies or deserts are: yogurt, honey cakes with nuts or filled with custard and many others.
  • I hope you've learned many new things about Greece, see you soon.
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