Updated: 1/11/2021

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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • A woman named Isis emerged from a swamp with her baby and 7 scorpions. She approached a magicicifent mansion but the woman of the house took one look at her raggedy clothes and unusual companions. And slammed the door on her face.
  • Climax
  • So Isis kept on searching; she found a cottage with a woman who took pity on her and offered Isis what she could. Isis was no normal beggar she was the most powerful goddess of Egypt. Isis was in hiding from her brother Seth. But she was not without aid. Serket the goddess of venomous creatures had sent 7 of her vemous creatures to Isis and her son.
  • Falling Action
  • The scorpions fumed on how the wealthy woman offended Isis. They all combined their venom and gave it to 1 of the 7 Tefen. At night Tefen crept over to the mansion and he saw the owner's young son sleeping peacefully and gave him a mighty sting.
  • Resolution
  • Isis and her hostess soon awaken by loud wailing. As Isis stepped out of the house she saw a mother running through the street weeping as she cradled her son.
  • When Isis noticed it was the woman that had turned her away, she understood what her scorpions had done. Isis took the boy in her hands and decide to recite a powerful spell. The child stirred and his mother wept with gratitude.
  • The wealthy woman offered all her wealth to Isis in repentance. And from that day on people learn how to make a poultice to treat scorpions bites, speaking magical incantations just as the goddess has.