Jekyll and Hyde
Updated: 3/11/2020
Jekyll and Hyde

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  • Stop, sir!
  • On his weekly walk with his friend Mr Enfield, Mr. Utterson, a lawyer, finds himself standing in front of a dark and mysterious door on an nice street. Enfield recalls a night when he ran into a man who had to go into that door. He had knocked over a young girl, and rather than cause a scene, he paid off her family using a cheque in the name of a well-established man in London. Enfield says that the man who knocked the girl over was named Mr Hyde.
  • O God! O God!
  • With the information from Enfield, Utterson grows concerned about his friend Dr. Jekyll, who had recently changed his will to say that if anything happened to him, everything should be given to Mr Hyde. Utterson is worried that Jekyll is being blackmailed by Hyde. He is alarmed by Hyde’s appearance, which seems to create horror and hatred in anyone who sees him.
  • Late one night, a maid of Dr. Jekyll’s witnesses the brutal murder of a Sir Danvers Carew by Mr Hyde. Mr Hyde then goes missing. Utterson goes to Jekyll, who tells him that Hyde is gone for good. He gives Utterson a letter from Hyde, which Utterson later suspects Jekyll has written.
  • After Hyde’s disappears, Jekyll sends a letter to Dr. Lanyon, begging him to get a drawer from his lab. Hyde picks it up, mixes the contents, and drinks the mixture. He transforms into Jekyll in front of Lanyon. He is so shocked that he dies a few weeks later. He recalls these events to Utterson in a letter to be opened after the death of Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll’s servants are frightened by things they’ve heard and seen in Jekyll’s lab, so they ask Mr Utterson to come round. They knock down the door to the lab and finds Hyde dead.
  • Utterson reads a letter from Dr. Jekyll, which were left to him in the laboratory, along with a new copy of Jekyll’s will, leaving everything to Utterson. It says that all his life, Jekyll felt that there were two sides to himself. Through his experiments, he reveals Mr. Hyde, who is pure evil and thrilling to be. Eventually, however, Hyde begins to take over Jekyll, and Jekyll begins to fear and hate him.
  • Jekyll's account: Jekyll refuses to change into Hyde for about 2 months, but soon, the temptation takes back over. hidden for so long, Hyde, in anger, murders Sir Carew. This scares Jekyll into killing Hyde off for good, but eventually, he gives into temptation again. After this, Hyde begins to take over Jekyll every few hours, and Jekyll runs out of the salt for the solution. He leaves the letter and changed will for Utterson, knowing that Henry Jekyll will soon be gone forever.