Max and Emma

Updated: 5/3/2020
Max and Emma

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  • Mom i met a new guy today at the salsa academy, he's french, he's very handsome!! and he invited me on date tonight. Should i go ?
  • if you think is a good guy, you should go out with him, you always are at home, have fan , you just have to be careful
  • sounds perfect to me, I'm gonna ask my mom to lend me the car
  • Hey Jenny,i would like to take you to a nice restaurant and then we can go to the club is that ok for you ?
  • Hey mom could you lend me the car tonight ?
  • Sure, but you must bring the car back with gas
  • Sorry Max i can't go on time, there's a lot of traffic
  • it's okay, no worries , i'll be waiting for you
  • Certainly. Let me get that for you.
  • Can I have the bill please?
  • Thank you, Max ,has been the perfect dinner, let's go to the club
  • yes please, that would be nice. Thanks for everything!!
  • i had too much fan tonight, but i have to go
  • it's ok, i know you have to work tomorrow, should i drive to your house ?, you look very tired
  • No problem, is always a pleasure.