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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi Ryan, Do you want a cigarette?
  • Hi Andy, no thank you. I prefer e-cigarettes.
  • How come you prefer e-cigarettes?
  • I prefer e-cigarettes because my friend suggested me that e-cigarettes are efficacious in helping smokers to quit
  • Do you use the one with nicotine or not?
  • I use the one with nicotine because it can significantly more likely to stop or reduce smoking.
  • I see. That's why you use e-cigarettes. I should change it too.
  • From 2010-2013 ever-use of e-cigarettes among adults changed from 9.8% to 36.5% for current smokers, 2.5% to 9.6% for former smokers, and 1.3% to 1.2% for never smokers. 
  • What an interesting fact I hear from you, Ryan
  • Although e-cigarettes are not harmlessly, they are safer than conventional cigarettes
  • So you are basically saying that e-cigarettes do reduce harm in smokers especially when you use the one with nicotine since nicotine can help people quit smoking
  • Yes, that’s what I’m trying to say. E-cigarettes are not risk free but are less harmful than cigarettes but at least 95% less harmful.