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Updated: 9/29/2020
English Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Jaemin! Jenny! Come out to the living room, we need to tell you something!
  • What is it dad?
  • Well children...your mum and I wanted to tell you that you are having a baby sister!
  • Happy birthday!
  • Long shot of Jaemin and Jenny in their shared bedroom playing with their toys. This illustrates the setting of the film which is their home and what the film will be about. The atmosphere is bubbly and joyful and there is laughter and noises of the children playing with their toys. Over the background noise, Dad's voice is heard, calling the children over.
  • 9 months later...
  • Happy birthday, Jenny!
  • Camera cuts to the long shot of Jaemin and Jenny appearing in the family living room. Their mum is sitting on the couch and their dad is standing up, both of them smiling happily. When Jaemin asks what is going on, their dad announces that they will have a baby sister.
  • Jaemin, Jenny! Your little sister is born! Mum is at the hospital right now and we're going to meet her! You don't need to take the school bus today.
  • Really! She's born on the same day as me!
  • A close up is used on Jenny's face to portray her emotions and how she feels about having a little sister. Her face drastically changes from neutral to surprise and happiness as the news of having a younger sister sinks in. Her facial expressions (wide eyes and bright smile) as well as her body language (hands clasped on cheeks) depicts that she is surprised but very happy. There is muffled dialogue spoken between her parents and her brother in the background, however, the camera keeps her and her bright smile salient, depicting that she is the main character of the film.
  • The camera cuts to a mid shot of Jenny and her family in their living room and the text "9 months later..." appears in the top left corner. The props (cake, balloon, party hat) and the dialogue illustrates that it is Jenny's birthday. The text showcases that the baby sister will arrive soon and the birthday scene foreshadows that she would be born on Jenny's birthday.
  • Sound of a shrilling bell followed by thunderous footsteps and cheerful chatters of students showcases that the setting is at school. Long shot of Jaemin and Jenny waiting in front of the school bus and their dad arriving portrays that he has news as it is evident they do not get picked up by him. When Jenny discovers the news that her baby sister was born, her surprised facial expressions portray that she did not expect her sister to be born on the same day as her, nevertheless, she is happy.
  • The loud background noise from the school scene drastically cuts to a close up shot of the new sister's face. There is classical music in the background and the atmosphere is calm, peaceful and undisturbed.
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