Updated: 2/13/2020

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  • John i think its time you and i should have a word regarding you and tita's relationship
  • Why should you even care about my relationship with tita
  • You should probably know Tita and I have been in a secret relationship
  • I figured once I left, you would seduce her and make her remember all the horrible things you made her go through.
  • aren't you going to leave her?!!!!
  • why would I leave her, she's too important to me then she is to you. She needs someone who will show her what love really is.
  • Pedro’s anger was like a raging storm, bothered by the fact that Tita still hadn't told John about their secret relationship. Pedro had enough of Tita's excuses, so he decided to confess to John about their secret affair.
  • I thought you would leave after you knew about this.
  • Pedro there's some things you can't destroy
  • John wasn't surprised at Pedro's confession. He knew the moment he left, tita was bound to somehow end up in Pedro's arms. He knew that Pedro was just playing with Tita's feelings like a never ending game.
  • YOU INSENSITIVE JERK!!! you've never cared about anything but yourself and for that I choose JOHN !!
  • Im so sorry Tita, I will forever regret this for the rest of my life.
  • Pedro seemed to be bothered by the fact that John wasn't at all angry at him or Tita. John knew too well that Tita would never be happy with Pedro because his love for her sparked something inside of her that made her feel safe. Love is like fire, it either burns or lights up.
  • Im sorry John I will forever make this up to you, because you really care about us .
  • You can make it up by forever being by my side.
  • Pedro didn't want to let Tita go but he also didn't want her to end up with John. Pedro's love for Tita was like a key that unlocks all gates of emotions like happiness, jealousy, and fear.
  • After John and Pedro's discussion, Tita knew that Pedro had already told John what had happened between him and her. And it made Tita realize how selfish and insensitive Pedro had been.
  • Tita's decision made her feel secure, she knew she had lied to John, but tita was thankful that he'd still loved her despite of her secret affair. Tita will forever make it up to him.