Great Gatsby Zobel End Project
Updated: 5/30/2020
Great Gatsby Zobel End Project
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  • C1: Gatsby Sees The Green Light
  • C3: Nick Receives an Invitation
  • I am here to inform you that Jay Gatsby has invited you to his little party tonight.
  • C4: Wolfshiem’s Lair
  • No?
  • This is just a friend. I told you we'd talk about that some other time.
  • At the end of chapter 1, Gatsby sees “a single green light” across the doc in the Old Egg region(Fitzgerald 24). The light that Gatsby sees is the imaginative figments of his future. This future overall is his yearn of a rekindling relationship with his ex-lover, Daisy Buchanan.
  • C5: Gatsby and Daisy Meet
  • Do you like it?
  • That huge place THERE?
  • Nick receives Gatsby’s “chauffeur with an invitation” to go to his lavish party in the upcoming day (Fitzgerald 52). He is stunned that his chances of having such events happen to him. This event leads to Nick creating a stronger bond with Gatsby.
  • C7: Tom vs. Gatsby
  • trump lol
  • I found out what your 'drug stores' were.
  • What about it?
  • Gatsby introduces Nick Carraway to his “friend ,Mr. Wolfshiem” in a speakeasy(Fitzgerald 75). This speakeasy, disguised bar, is actually a barbershop in front. Particularly secretively shady business transactions are conducted on the premises of these sites.
  • C8: Gatsby's Assassination
  • Nick is asked to “invite [Daisy] to tea” by Gatsby (Fitzgerald 86). During the events of Gatsby expressing and his prowess to Daisy, she breaks down in tears from seeing Gatsby’s beautiful materialistic shirts. Gatsby in the while is becoming more attached to Daisy and is seeing her as a new person to love.
  • Gatsby spills the beans on his affair with Daisy to Tom. A pursuing argument arises on whether Daisy will take off with Gatsby or stay with her husband, and at the heat of the moment “they were gone”(144 Fitzgerald). Daisy ,operating Gatsby’s yellow car with Gatsby as a passenger, unintentionally performs an instant vehicular execution on Myrtle Wilson and flees the scene swiftly as a result. 
  • Wilson commits second degree murder in Gatsby’s mansion as an act of revenge for his wife. Gatsby is immediately dispatched in his pool with “the shots” from Wilson’s revolver (Fitzgerald 172). Both Gatsby and George-from suicide- die in the fore front of events occurring.
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