Marty, Biological

Updated: 6/14/2020
Marty, Biological

Storyboard Text

  • Biological Theory. Cesar LombrosoMarty McFly was born healthy and to loving parents. As soon as he was born, the doctor noticed the child was born atavistic. He knew this child was a born criminal.
  • Those features!
  • Our son Marty. We love you.
  • Doc Brown consulted his colleagues. He told them the child had many features outside the norm. He had a large nose, small ears, small eyes, a large jaw, and his mother had a history of epilepsy.
  • We will have to watch this one.
  • Marty was a dominate physical speciaman. He was among the best at most sports in school. While he dominated on the field, in the classroom Marty struggled.
  • Because of his physical appearance and low grades, Marty struggled to find work. Marty was lost and had no way to make money.
  • Sorry, you are just not the right fit.
  • One day Marty was getting a ride from his friend who mysteriously had a new car he could not afford. The friend told him he had been breaking into houses to get extra money. Marty was desperate and knew of some people who were out of town.
  • Marty had confused his dates. The family was gone next week. As soon as Marty broke the window, the authorities were alerted and Marty was arrested. This is the only crime Marty ever committed. Marty is a victim of his genes and bad science.
  • What was that!!! CALL 911!!