psychological marty

Updated: 6/14/2020
psychological marty

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  • Psychological/ Trait Theories. James Wilson and Richard HerrnsteinMarty's parents were not ready to be parents, nor did they want to. Marty was not a loved and cherished child. He was a unwanted and neglected child.
  • Do this baby ever shut up!?!?! He is ruining my buzz!
  • Left to fend for himself most of the time, Marty developed depression and anxiety issues.
  • Marty's parents never paid any attention to him. They never helped him with homework, or made sure he went to school. As a result he rarely went, and when he did he fought with everyone. He was expelled before he could finish High school.
  • Why are you so angry Marty? You can do this!
  • This is stupid and pointless!! I will never need this!!
  • With no education Marty struggled with finding a job and his drinking. After many run ins with the law, and no job, Marty needed money for booze and rent.
  • You are drunk. If you do not go home now, you will be arrested for public intoxication.
  • Until one night, while drunk and walking home, broke and desperate Marty noticed an empty house. The lights were off and cars were gone. Marty needed money, and this was his shot. Marty went around back, grabbed a rock and made entry.
  • Don't mind if I do.
  • Marty is not a bad man. Marty did not have a fair shot. He grew up poor with alcoholic, neglectful parents. He did not have a fair shot at an education or anything in life. He is a victim of his parents.