Updated: 9/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Equality has an internal conflict because he's in love but it is forbidden to love in such a way."Our dearest one"
  • Equality wants to share his findings but at the same time keep them safe"We must bring it into the sight of men" "We must guard our tunnel as we had never guarded it before"
  • Equality is caught and punished by the Council of the Home."Lash them until they tell."
  • Equality and his discovery is rejected and deemed evil."We have much to say to a wretch who have broken all the laws and who boast of their infamy!"
  • Equality is exiled and seen as evil so he flees into the Uncharted Forest."We were in the Uncharted Forest"
  • Equality passes out in the forest without knowing what to do and with the Golden one on his mind."We are doomed. Whatever days are left to us, we shall spend them alone."