The Frost By: Jeremy Volker
Updated: 3/16/2021
The Frost By: Jeremy Volker

Storyboard Description

Eliza and Mattie were helping sick people. When Eliza and Mattie came home they saw Joseph crying and Eliza said, “What happened?’’ Joseph pointed to the room and the kids were crying. Eliza saw that they had fever and she tried to take care of them. Then Mattie suggested that they should bring them to the coffee house. Then Eliza got a wagon and put the bed in the wagon and Joseph got the kids. When they were done they went to the coffee house and took care of the children. Then Mattie fell asleep and then Silas woke her up and she saw frost.

Storyboard Text

  • what will we do?
  • take care of them.
  • Eliza there is frost out here! lets move the children out here.
  • lets move all the furniture out so the frost can get rid of the sick.