Henry Hudson
Updated: 5/8/2020
Henry Hudson

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  • In 1607 Henry Hudson was commissioned by the Muscovy Company. He was to find a shorter route from Europe to Asia. There was a crew of 10 men including his son John.
  • In the 1500s a baby was born in the Kingdom of England. His name was Henry Hudson.
  • In 1608 he was commissioned again and made it further, but failed another time due to the thick ice.
  • Not much is known about his youth but one can only assume that he had a good education because he could read, write and do mathematics.
  • In the late 1500s, Henry married a woman named Katherine and they had 3 sons. John, Oliver, and Richard.
  • Hopewell
  • Unfortunately it was unsuccessful due to ice in the water. But he did discover many whales.
  • After theses expeditions failed, Henry joined the Dutch in 1609 and had another ship named the Half Moon. Hudson was told to find a Northeast passage to Asia..
  • He ended up at Nova Scotia where he made trade with the natives and then continued on where he founded the Hudson River.
  • Despite his instructions he did not listen and ended up trying to find a Northwest passage..