Part 2 Henry Hudson
Updated: 5/8/2020
Part 2 Henry Hudson

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  • In 1610 Hudson was back with the English and set sail on a ship called the Discovery. He discovered a strait in the ocean that led them through the northern waters which became known as the Hudson Strait..
  • In the later months of 1610, the ship became ice bound in the bay and the crew became stranded.
  • Hudson and his crew kept going through the strait and until they got to a large bay. This became known as the Hudson Bay...
  • In 1611, the Discovery was free of Ice and could continue to go back home...but Hudson did not want to.
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  • ....His crew then turned against him.
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  • Hudson, his son, and several other loyal men were left in a small boat while the rest of the crew continued back home.
  • Hudson and the others were never heard of or seen again. Many think that they died from the cold or maybe even starvation.
  • - A northwest passage was finally discovered by explorer Roald Amundsen in 1906.
  • - The leaders of the mutiny were Henry Greene and Robert Juet. Neither of them survived the voyage home.
  • - Hudson's discoveries and maps became valuable to the Dutch and the English. Both countries established trading posts and settlements based on his explorations.
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