Jerry Miller
Updated: 1/18/2020
Jerry Miller
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  • Episode 5Creon Argues with TeiresiasBy: Jerry Miller
  • 1) What new thing have you to tell us, old Teiresias?
  • 2) I have much to tell you: listen to the prophet, Creon.
  • 1) I have been given a sign from the gods that they are angry at you Creon. I was sitting in my chair of augury, when I then saw dogs and birds fighting, I was afraid. Come to realize that they were also eating Polyneices corpse. What glory is it to kill a man who is dead?
  • 2) It seems that prophets have made me their especial province. No, Teiresias. It is a sorry thing when a wise man sells his wisdom, lets out his words for hire!
  • 2) Ah Creon! Is there no man left in the world-- No man who knows that wisdom outweighs any wealth? You are sick, Creon! You are deathly sick!
  • 1) You are a briber and a trader! 3) As you say Teiresias. It is not my place to challenge a prophet.
  • 1) Then take this, and take it to heart! Not in many days, And your house will be full of men and women weeping, and curses will be hurdled at you from far cities grieving for sons unburied.
  • 2) I got words from Choragus. It is hard to deny the heart! But I will do it: I will not fight with destiny. I will go free Antigone
  • Bring axes, servants: come with me to the tomb, I buried her, I will set her free.
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