Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I vow i will kill fortunato!
  • my good friend montresor!
  • how good it is to see you fortunato!
  • to the dead around us
  • and i to your long life
  • montresor vowes revenge on fortunato.
  • you a mason impossible
  • indeed i am
  • montresor and fortunato meet at the carnavile.
  • true
  • the amontillado!
  • montresor and fortunato go down to the crypt and drink wine together.
  • yes for the love of god!
  • for the love of god montresor!
  • montresor and fortunato talk about being free masons.
  • montresor chains up fortunato and is thinking what to do with him.
  • montresor is about to wall up fortunato and leave him to die