The Whisper

Updated: 10/16/2020
The Whisper

Storyboard Text

  • When we got there, we could not see anyone, the street was empty.
  • However, I felt this weird feeling through all my body, it was like I’ve been there before even though I don’t remember it.
  • That same day in the morning, I packed my bags and left what was always my childhood home, I took my dog Zac and left. I did not know where to go, or where I was heading to, the only thing I knew was that I did not want to be in that atmosphere anymore. It was not good for my mental health.
  • After a few hours of just walking straight with my dog next to me, we saw a sign that said “Tochimilco”. I’ve heard of this place before, a lot of people say this place is haunted.
  • They say that around 12-3am, in the middle of the forest, if you’re walking alone you will hear a little whisper from a woman calling your name and it will make you want to follow it. A lot of people have disappeared over the last year.
  • This type of stuff doesn’t scare me, so I thought to myself why not? I’ve got nothing to lose. I guided Zac to the right and we started walking down a path.