Updated: 3/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • mom my tooth hurts so bad 
  • oh no son! that could be so bothering you. Don't worry we will see your dentist tomorrow morning
  • alright! go to bed now and take a rest okay? i will contact the clinic to have our appointment tomorrow
  • yes mom
  • hello is this Joyful Dental Clinic? I'll have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Geronda because my son is in pain :( thank you!
  • in that case, i have to check first your tooth condition if we can save your tooth through root canal treatment, if not we will extract your tooth.
  • doc, my tooth aches for almost 1 week and i can't bear it anymore huhuhu
  • Okay son, tell Dr. Geronda what you are feeling
  • thank you so much doc! i'm not feeling any pain anymore! i'm glad that there is a kind of treatment aside from tooth extraction! :)
  • we're done with your root canal treatment. As a dentist i have to save your tooth 'till the best that i can! thank you for coming immediately :)
  • my pleasure madam! rest assured that i'll do my best for the good of your oral health. Take care!
  • mom! what a relief! i'm not in pain anymore! i can eat whatever i want now!
  • omg doc! i didn't regret that i consult to your clinic! thank you for saving my son's tooth!