The Odyssey
Updated: 9/14/2020
The Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus leaves Troy
  • Odysseus is trapped in Polyphemus's cave
  • AHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • Circe turns Odysseus' men into pigs
  • The war is over and Odysseus is ready to head home."No more. Come, let me tell you about the voyage fraught with hardship Zeus inflicted on me, homeward bound from Troy..." (pg. 137)
  • Journey to the Underworld
  • The Cyclops starts killing Odysseus' men and eating them."...he lunged out with his hands toward my men and snatching two at once... ripping them limb from limb to fix his meal" (pg. 145)
  • The crew eats the sun god's cattle
  • Eurylochus watches as his fellow crew mates turn into pigs."...suddenly she struck with her wand, drove them into her pigsties, all of them bristling into swine..." (pg. 162)
  • Odysseus loses all his men
  • Odysseus meets Tiresias and others in the Underworld. He's sad to see his mother there."I broke into tears to see her[Anticleia] here...At last he came. The shade of the famous Theban prophet" (pg. 177)
  • The men are hungry and ready to eat the cattle."But if the Sun, inflamed for his longhorn cattle, means to wreck our ship and the other gods pitch in— I’d rather die at sea, with one deep gulp of death, than die by inches on this desolate island here!" (pg. 207)
  • The boat is destroyed and Odysseus is able to escape, but the rest of the crew drowns."Round she spun, reeling under the impact... shipmates pitching out of her... and the god cut short their journey home forever." (pg. 209)